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Bosch 800 Series 36" 5 Smoothtop Burner Elements BLK Electric Cooktop NET8668UC

Quick Overview

Bosch 800 Series NET8668UC
36 Inch Electric Cooktop 5 Smoothtop Burners Bridge Element 2 Dual Size Elements.

Actual Width: 37 Inch
Actual Depth: 21 1/4 Inch
Actual Height: 4 1/4 Inch
Cutout Width: 34 7/8 Inch
Cutout Depth: 20 Inch
Burner Output
Set 1 QTY: 1
Set 1 Output: 3600
Set 2 QTY: 1
Set 2 Output: 1900
Set 3 QTY: 2
Set 3 Output: 1800
Set 4 QTY: 1
Set 4 Output: 1200
Grill: No
Griddle: No
French Top: No

This unit comes with full manufacture warranty.
Pictures are for the actual unit.

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Number of Burners:  
Front Left:  
7" - 1,800W (400W Bridge)
Rear Left:  
7" - 1,800W
9"/6" - 3,600W/1,400W (SpeedBoost)
Front Right:  
8"/5" - 1,900W/800W
Rear Right:  
6" - 1,200W
Approval Certificates:  
Installation Requirements
Watts (W):  
10,200 W
Current (A):  
50/40 A
Volts (V):  
240/208 V
Frequency (Hz):  
60 Hz
Plug type:  
No plug
Cut-out Dimensions
Cut-out Width:  
34 7/8"
Cut-out Depth:  
Cut-out Height:  
Distance from Counter Front:  
2 1/4"
Distance from Counter Rear:  
Product Dimensions & Weight
Product Width:  
Product Depth:  
21 1/4"
Product Height:  
4 1/4"
Product Weight:  
31 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions & Weight
Shipping Width:  
43 5/16"
Shipping Depth:  
Shipping Height:  
7 7/8"
Shipping Weight:  
41 lbs.


Sleek in Design with SpeedBoost Which Adds Even More Power to the Cooking Process

  • Bridge Element Accommodates Oblong Pans and Many Diameters of Cookware
  • Each Zone's Timer Automatically Shuts Off When Cooking is Done
  • SpeedBoost Offers Shorter Heat-Up Times For Liquids
  • PreciseSelect Offers 17 Different Direct Cooking Level Settings
  • Black-glass Seamless Design
  • Cooktop Design Coordinates with Bosch Ovens and Ventilation
  • Dual Elements Offer the Capability to use Multiple Pan Sizes
  • Bridge Element Accomodates Oblong or Oversized Pans and Griddles
  • How do you fit a large oval or rectangular pan onto a circular element With the Bosch cooktop, it's simple.
  • A bridge element combines with two circular elements to give you an oblong cooking area that accommodates many shapes and sizes of cookware.
  • Ideal for roasting pans and grills.
  • SpeedBoost - Delivers More Power to Speed Up the Cooking Process
  • For time savings as well as energy savings, the SpeedBoost function can heat water twice as fast as a conventional ceramic cooktop.
  • PreciseSelect - Direct Cooking Level Selection - 17 Settings for Precise Control
  • Go right to the temperature you want with a single touch. With PreciseSelect, you can directly select 17 different cooking levels using numerical controls, as opposed to scrolling through a confusing menu.
  • CountDown Timer - Built-in Timers for Each Element. Doubles as General-Purpose Kitchen Timer
  • The days of working over a hot stove are long gone, thanks to this ingenious function that allows you to pre-set a cooking time for each individual heating element.
  • Now you can multi-task in the kitchen, and the cooktop will automatically shut off individual cooking elements when their programmed time has expired.
  • CleanLock - Prevents Unwanted Changing of Setting While Cleaning Spills
  • Two-Level Heat Indicator - Warns if Cooktop is Warm or Hot
  • A light on the cooktop warns if surface is hot due to any residual heat from cooking vessel.
  • ChildLock - Prevents the Cooktop from Being Accidentally Switched On, Locks Temperature Settings if in Use
  • Bosch cooktops take safety up a notch. The ChildLock function prevents the cooktop from being accidentally switched on.