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Gaggenau 36" Automatic Ice maker Fully Integrated Custom Refrigerator RB492701 (6)

Quick Overview


Cooling Compartment: 14.3 Cu. Ft.
Temperature Controlled Drawer: 0.9 Cu. Ft.
Freezer Compartment: 5.8 Cu. Ft.
Net Volume: 19.7 Cu. Ft.
Energy Star Qualified: Yes
Technical Features
Dynamic Cool Air Distribution: Yes
Multi-Flow Air System: Yes
Defrosting: Automatic
Defrost Water Evaporation: Yes
Activated Charcoal Air Filter: Yes
Energy-Saving Vacation Mode: Yes
Open-Door Warning System: Yes
Malfunction Warning System: Yes
Cooling Compartment
No-Frost Technology: Yes with Fast Cooling
Temperature Range: 35°F - 46°F
Split Glass Shelves: 2
Motorized Glass Shelves: 1
Fully Extendable Drawers: 2 with Transparent Front
Fully Extendable Temperature Controlled Drawers: 1
Bright Interior Lighting: Yes
LED Sidewall Pillars: Yes
Height Adjustable Door Bins: 2
Gallon Door Bins: 1
Door Bins with Transparent Front Flap: 1
Freezer Compartment
No-Frost Technology: Yes with Fast Freezing
Temperature Range: 7°F - -9°F
Fully Extendable Drawers: 2
Interior Lighting: Yes with 2 Spot Lights
Ice Dispenser
Automatic Ice Maker: Yes
Fixed Water Connection: Yes
On/Off Switch: Yes
Ice Cube Production: Approx. 3.1 Lbs./24 H
Ice Storage Bin Capacity: 6.6 Lbs.
Removable Ice Bin: Yes
Dimensions and Weights
Overall Width: 35 3/4"
Overall Depth: 24"
Overall Height: 83 3/4"
Cutout Width: 36"
Cutout Depth: 24 3/4"
Cutout Height: 84"
Net Weight: 486.0 Lbs.
Gross Weight: 526.0 Lbs.


  • Main Facts
  • Width 36".
  • Stainless steel interior.
  • Generous LED lighting concept.
  • Solid aluminum door bins.
  • Net volume 19.7 cu. ft.
  • Integrated automatic ice maker with fixed water connection in the freezer drawer.
  • One motorized glass shelf, adjustable when fully loaded.
  • One asymmetrically split glass shelf.
  • Fully extendable freezer drawer with practical divider.
  • ENERGY STAR qualified.
  • Operation
  • Electronic precision temperature control with digital temperature display.
  • Technical Features
  • Dynamic cool air distribution with Multi-Flow Air System.
  • Automatic defrosting with defrost water evaporation.
  • Activated charcoal air filter.
  • Energy-saving vacation mode.
  • Open-door and malfunction warning system.
  • Cooling Compartment
  • Net volume 14.3 cu. ft.
  • No-frost technology with fast cooling.
  • Temperature adjustable from 35°F to 46°F (+2°C to +8°C).
  • 2 safety glass shelves, 1 of which is motorized.
  • 1 asymmetrically split safety glass shelf, manually adjustable.
  • 2 fully extendable drawers with transparent front.
  • Bright interior lighting with LED sidewall pillars.
  • 2 height adjustable door bins, one large gallon door bin.
  • 1 door bin with transparent front flap.
  • Temperature Controlled Drawer
  • Net volume 0.9 cu. ft.
  • No-frost technology.
  • 1 continuous, fully extendable temperature controlled drawer close to 32°F with transparant front, manually controllable.
  • Freezer Compartment
  • Net volume 5.8 cu. ft.
  • No-frost technology with fast freezing.
  • Temperature adjustable from 7°F to -9°F (-14°C to -25°C).
  • 2 fully extandable drawers.
  • Interior lighting with two spot lights.
  • Ice Dispenser
  • Integrated automatic ice maker in the freezer compartment, with fixed water connection.
  • Ice maker can be switched off independently.
  • Ice cube production approximately 3.1 lbs./24 h.
  • Removable ice storage bin with approximately 6.6 lbs. capacity.
  • Consumption Data
  • Energy consumption 1.238 kWh/24 h.
  • Noise level 41 dB.
  • Rating
  • Total rating 0.588 kW.
  • Total Amps: 15A.
  • 120V / 60Hz.
  • Connecting cable 78-3/4" with plug.
  • Supply hose 118" with 3/4" connection.

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Gaggenau RB492701
36" Fully Integrated Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator

Glass Shelves
Motorized Shelf
Temperature Controlled Drawer
LED Sidewall Pillars
Ice Maker

This unit is brand new out of box in good cosmetic condition. Some flaws as shown in the pictures:

This unit comes with full functionality manufacturer warranty.
 This warranty does not cover cosmetic imperfections, functionality only.

Pictures are for the actual unit.


This item will require lift gate for delivery which is $89.00
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